Tuesday, February 22, 2005

How Stupid Can A Guy Be?

How Stupid Can A Guy Be?

Now you readers may think the title of this blog is only a rhetorical question, but I can tell you from recent experience that I have been asking myself this question multiple times in the last 12 hours. Let me explain how stupid this guy can be.

After a farewell dinner for one of my co-workers, I came home and fired up PP to play a little O8. I spent a few minutes looking for other bloggers in the search function with no results and went to a table. So far so good, right? Well 15 BB later I wondered why I hadn’t even split the pot with my nut low! Hmmm, I wondered what the @&&$% was going on So I looked a little closer at the top of the screen and what do I see but “OMAHA HI”! Oh, a guy can be really stupid, and I am living proof.

I considered the fact that to be in the career field of Military Oxymoron’s, that I obviously am not by nature a stupid person, so what happened to me to cause a complete brain malfunction like this? If any of my fellow bloggers have had a similar situation occur, please tell me so I won’t feel like a complete smacktard. Thanks.

I will say that as soon as I saw my mistake I quit and went to an actual O8 table and picked up almost all of my dumbass losses in only 30 minutes or so. I was so glad that I stayed off of tilt after starting my evening. The rest of the stupidity came as the night progressed as I stayed around for too many flops at a full or nearly full table. This caused some minor leakage that was made up for by my aggression when I flopped a monster. But….

As the clock moved towards midnight I made a common newbie mistake that I proceeded to lather rinse repeat. Mistaking which cards in my hand were playable with the flop. You know, trying to use 3 cards from your hand with the flop? Or only one card? This combined with a poor attitude when a slightly more aggressive player would sit and raise with anything at all, and then re-raise often. My answer should have been to move to a more passive table so I could see the flops cheaper, but I wanted to bitch slap this guy, so I stayed. More with the Dumb!! I think I need a keeper or something.

My stupidity has brought a smile to my face as I write this and I hope that you also found my stupidity amusing, and maybe even a little enlightening. I love action too much so O8 will probably be the monkey on my back, since even as I get older I find that my patience is used up at work waiting for some bullshit to occur, or for the clock to get to quitting time.

“I’d better tape a mirror on top of my laptop screen!” ~Geezer


At 5:45 AM, Blogger AlCantHang said...

LOL. I did the exact same thing on PokerStars a couple of months ago. Swearing up and down that I had the nut low, where the eff is my half pot.

At 7:07 PM, Blogger Huge Junk said...

My personal favorite move of mine is to enter a limit SNG on accident. Nothing says fun like a limit tourney! I've also gotten on a straight Omaha table once. Luckily my hands sucked up until I realized it.

I like your blog, keep it up!

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Huge Junk said...

by the way, I'm BobRespert on Partypoker if you ever feel like tracking me down. I play O8 and NL.

At 12:19 PM, Blogger SSG Geezer said...

I will Bob, and al too.
Been sick as a dog this weekend so decided not to reload and lose due to concentration problems.

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