Monday, December 05, 2005

My Addictions Are Few But All Cost Me Money

Now as we all know gambling is called an addiction by many of us, Here is a little story about my "Other" addiction....
Here is the scene at the community center last week....

Me: "HI! My name is Geezer, and I am an addict."

Group: "Hi Geezer!"

Me: "It all started when I was 5 and my mom gave me my first taste, she put some milk and sugar in it to make it more like a treat."

Group: "She did that when you were 5? That sounds like child abuse!"

Me: "Naw, I bugged her to let me have it. And after I started, I just couldn't stop, which has led to my budget busting habit 40 years later."

Me: " Heck, I started my kids out on it before they turned 3!"

Group: (Gasps)

Group: "How could you do that? We can't help you if you don't want help."

Me: "I know that and I was just here looking for suggestions on how to budget for the good stuff!"

Group: "We think you should leave now Geezer. Come back when you are serious about kicking your habit."

Me: "I don't want to quit!" {Pulls out a thermos of black gold} "If you want to try some, I have it right here!"

Group Leader: "OUT! NOW!"

Geezer departs smiling.

Now my habit isn't really one that requires a 12 step program, but there are times when it feels like an expensive monkey clawing my back. The accessories for my habit are not cheap, and if I am away from home I need to pay at least $2.00 or $3.00 a hit from varied dealers. I am doing my second hit of the day right now as I type this, I can feel my brain racing as it hits my system, Yes I love it and can't live without it.

Have you figured out what my addiction is yet?

It is gourmet coffee, my latest batch was a bargain at $39.50 a pound, two days after I ordered it it went up to $57.75 a pound.

Now $40.00 a pound may seem like a lot to pay for a habit that isn't illegal, but my addiction doesn't care. And it is still cheaper than my poker addiction was prior to the last two weeks.

It wanted the King of all coffees, The rare and highly desirable Jamaican blue Mountain. If you follow the links I have below you can see what requirements a coffee bean has to meet to become the smoothest cup of coffee I have ever tasted. With no bitterness at all no matter how strong I make it. In fact, for some folks the flavor may be too smooth since they have been ruined by drinking lousy coffee made from the cans they get at the supermarket or at your local Starsux. I will only drink that if nothing better is available.

I also won't tell you who my supplier is due to the rarity of my drug of choice, but you should have no large problem locating your own dealer through any search engine.

I love it so much I took a thermos full of the magic bean juice to the Boom-Boom Room for an evening of poker. It helped me stay focused afer drinking the traditional Korean liqour I also had in my goodie bag.
I'll tell you all about the Boom-Boom Room in my next update, It is quite a tale. (I promise!)

I hope that the hurricanes this year haven't ruined the crop since harvesting should be starting early next year. Here is a link with harvest times for your favorite coffee growing region.

Some of the Estates that grow my addiction.



It just so happens that my addiction requires a lot of labor by human hands, here is a photo of a woman picking out only the best of the best for my jones.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How To Be A Bonus Whore, (And Fail Miserably)

Don’t Play With Pneumonia When You Are Trying To Clear A Bonus!

Really, it’s that simple, don’t play when you feel like the fellow with the plague in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. When you are feeling crappy, you will not make the correct decisions about 80% of the time. Hell you may even fail to play at the correct table as I was AGAIN this past weekend. I had a severe sinus nastiness happening last weekend and did the normal things like suffer and go to work. This only lasted till the phlegm party in the morning started lasting for 30 minutes, causing me to be late to work. If I wasn’t fairly senior and have competent subordinates, I would have been screwed, blued and more tattooed.

I finally got tired of hacking and went to see our Doc, and he took a listen and said “go home and go to bed for a couple days and take these magic pills and all will be well.” Or something like that. So home I went to sleep for a couple dozen hours, with only a short break to fire up the party. Oops, that was a stupid play, oops that was dumb, oops! Where did my money go? Down like a $10.00 crack whore went my bankroll. And I mean it went way, way, down. I dropped multiple buy-ins at .5/1 O8, $25 NL, 1/2 O8 was a little better but found I was trying to play known opponents using my memory and not my notes to their advantage. Wrong answer spacepig, get me the mirror for while I play. I have found the sucker at the table, and I is him! (a little moron speak for my new readers, since that is how I was playing)

I want to play but have started a language class instead of my normal job and have about 2 or three hours of homework per night to do, and as I am well above average college age, it sucks to do. I am also studying in preparation for an attempt to get on a game show, since I have a cattle call type audition in about three weeks. Add to this the fact I have monthly counseling to complete for 8 subordinates, and I have to draft an award recommendation for each of them by the end of this week, I am fairly busy while still feeling fairly crappy. AND MY FEET STILL HURT!

And I never cleared my bonus in the 7 days!

“Maybe I should find an extra hour for Poker Tracker training and usage. And get HDouble and Iggy’s Guide for PT”.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What I Have Learned Recently

  1. I learned that there are fish all over the place but I have a number of holes in my game that are costing me money rather than earning me money.
  2. I love action in a game and am prone to sticking around longer than optimal.
  3. You cannot bluff a high hand in O8 even if you have been betting like you hit from the flop on. This is doubly true at low levels or when a made low is possible. (see #2)
  4. I found more fish at the Stud tables than I figured I would. (I shouldn’t be so dumb)
  5. When I sit down at a 1-2 O8 table I am usually up 80% of my buy in within 20 minutes, but my aggressive streak causes me to bleed it right back. (See #2)
  6. Since I only play one table at a time, it is easy to get bored waiting for a good hand while playing a $25 NL game. (Again see #2)
  7. There may be morons on the 2+2 forums who slam Poker Blogs but they are idiots. The quality of writing about poker from bloggers is so high that it would be a bit daunting to write one without the encouragement of folks like the Blogfather, Dr Pauly, AlCan’tHang, and many others. Thanks for making me feel welcome.
  8. I have also learned that I had better get my shit together and minimize my variance so I can afford to take my kids up to Wisconsin and Minnesota this summer. (Again See #2)

“If you can’t identify the sucker at the table, You’d better grab a mirror.”

{{Geezer hunts for a mirror}}

How Stupid Can A Guy Be?

How Stupid Can A Guy Be?

Now you readers may think the title of this blog is only a rhetorical question, but I can tell you from recent experience that I have been asking myself this question multiple times in the last 12 hours. Let me explain how stupid this guy can be.

After a farewell dinner for one of my co-workers, I came home and fired up PP to play a little O8. I spent a few minutes looking for other bloggers in the search function with no results and went to a table. So far so good, right? Well 15 BB later I wondered why I hadn’t even split the pot with my nut low! Hmmm, I wondered what the @&&$% was going on So I looked a little closer at the top of the screen and what do I see but “OMAHA HI”! Oh, a guy can be really stupid, and I am living proof.

I considered the fact that to be in the career field of Military Oxymoron’s, that I obviously am not by nature a stupid person, so what happened to me to cause a complete brain malfunction like this? If any of my fellow bloggers have had a similar situation occur, please tell me so I won’t feel like a complete smacktard. Thanks.

I will say that as soon as I saw my mistake I quit and went to an actual O8 table and picked up almost all of my dumbass losses in only 30 minutes or so. I was so glad that I stayed off of tilt after starting my evening. The rest of the stupidity came as the night progressed as I stayed around for too many flops at a full or nearly full table. This caused some minor leakage that was made up for by my aggression when I flopped a monster. But….

As the clock moved towards midnight I made a common newbie mistake that I proceeded to lather rinse repeat. Mistaking which cards in my hand were playable with the flop. You know, trying to use 3 cards from your hand with the flop? Or only one card? This combined with a poor attitude when a slightly more aggressive player would sit and raise with anything at all, and then re-raise often. My answer should have been to move to a more passive table so I could see the flops cheaper, but I wanted to bitch slap this guy, so I stayed. More with the Dumb!! I think I need a keeper or something.

My stupidity has brought a smile to my face as I write this and I hope that you also found my stupidity amusing, and maybe even a little enlightening. I love action too much so O8 will probably be the monkey on my back, since even as I get older I find that my patience is used up at work waiting for some bullshit to occur, or for the clock to get to quitting time.

“I’d better tape a mirror on top of my laptop screen!” ~Geezer

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Poker and The Geezer

Poker and The Geezer

Since I first played poker against my grandmother 35+ years ago there have been long periods of time when I rarely if ever played a single hand for months or years at a time. Since I re-entered military service in ‘91 there have been a few more opportunities to play due to the situations that I found myself in, a little extra money, pals who played and boredom made sure that there would be the occasional game full of wild cards, wild betting, and excessive alcohol consumption. This and the fact that I like to gamble brings me to tell you about why I play the game.

Since I love to play casino games like craps, blackjack and even an occasional (very) turn on the roulette wheel, I had to realize that these games may be fun, but due to the edge the house holds in all of them, that I was unlikely to find enrichment in the financial sense by playing. So what’s a guy top do? Play poker! You are there against other players while the house is getting paid for their table while not changing the actual odds for or against you. This sounds like the ticket until the first time you sit in a B and M and go on tilt and see your racks of checks move rapidly across the table to someone else. So again I had to ask myself, why?

I looked at a couple of my friends who are very successful at poker and tried to figure out the things that made the difference in their play and why they were fairly consistent winners at the tables. The major things that I saw in them were the fact that they always treated the game in a more workmanlike fashion than the average player or I did. My one friend “Tex” would consistently destroy the players at our casino nights, and would say that “it’s just like work. 6 hours for $400.00.” He never spoke about odds, either pot or implied, but he always seemed to know if it was worth a bet. Since he was a extremely smart guy, he probably knew them but could not put specifics to his “hunches”, that and a willingness to make a bet that his opponent was afraid to call.

All in all, Tex was a fairly fearless guy at the poker tables. My other pal “Skippy” was more of the mathematician. He could calculate pot odds in his head in a flash due to his über-Math Geekness. That and his complete desire to prove that he was a better player than anyone he was up against. This showed up at home when playing $1~2 NLHE heads up, and when he played Omaha 8B on-line. I took a good deal from these two characters but figured that for me to be successful I would have to go the extra mile and do some research, then came a long and boring 24 hours of duty with internet available.

I found, (Drum roll please) Poker Blogs! A new world of strategy and strategery opened up for me, I found the 2 + 2 forums, but found that the most enjoyment was to be found in the very fine writings of folks like Chris Halverson, Dr Pauly, F Train, Iggy and many others. The writing and tips contained in their poker adventures lured me ever closer to making the jump into the pool of on-line fish. Their advice while good would probably not bring me to the level I needed to ensure my bankroll’s health, so…

I hunted for books that could teach me a thing or two about the game and so far I have had fair luck with my selections. Phil Hellmuth’s book would probably not be on my list of recommendations since reading Harrington on Hold Em, and Super System2.

As a matter of fact I would recommend a 7.00 paperback I picked up with a title similar to How to Win at Casino Poker over most of what you can find at mass market stores (Of which my buzzing metropolis has ONE!). Sorry I can’t find the book at this moment but I found it more informative than Phil’s book. These help but it is my own personal tendencies that have hurt me. For more specifics, I am going to have to start a new entry to make reading this a bit easier. Thanks for stopping in.

“If you can’t identify the sucker at the table, You’d better grab a mirror.”

Monday, February 14, 2005

Greetings to all!

Greeetings to all of you out there in the blogosphere!

I am a soldier in the US Army stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, who has varied interests that include, poker, golf, computer games, reading, bowling and sleeping.

I chose blogspot since there are a number of bloggers here who I read often, and having a login makes it a bit easier to drop a comment, and to be polite and skip the annoyance of anonymity.

I have no real idea as to what sort of content I will be posting except that it will probably be rants about the things that have made me angry that day. There may be some poker content but since I don't have all of the neat tracking tools that folks like DrPauly use yet, there will be no major hand histories, bad beat stories, or any major technical poker stories. I may, however write about some of the things I learn from other bloggers and tie this weak attempt at a blog to theirs so they may recieve the kudos if my results are good.

Nice to meet you all, please drop a comment if you happen to stumble on this humble blog.

Tom AKA The Geezer